Positive Steps Shropshire Limited

Positive Steps Shropshire Limited is a newly formed company. The directors are Shropshire based and are committed to promoting the Shared Lives service within Shropshire. We have experience of working with Shropshire Council.


dianesnap2 Diane Phillips

Diane Phillips is the Registered Manager of Positive Steps Shropshire Limited. Diane has worked within the field of Health and Social Care since 1995 moving into management role from 2000. Diane is a passionate advocate for quality care while supporting people to live the life they choose.


alisonsnap2Alison Glover

Alison Glover has over 30 years’ experience in office administration and customer service roles, the last 9 years of which were with Shropshire Council as administration officer for the Community Living Team.


PSSL Scheme responsibility and requirements
  • Managing placements
  • Carer supervisions
  • Reviews to ensure carers have detailed records & adhere to www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk, Shared Lives Plus policies
  • To ensure all carers have access to updated information, and promote shared lives events
  • All carers are required to be members of www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk, Shared Lives Plus & have the appropriate insurance in place. PSSL require a copy of the insurance


What does PSSL provide ?
  • We operate an on call service to provide support over the phone to our Shared Lives carers
  • Support for the individual to have the training and accurate details about how to appropriately support any identified need
  • Support to enable risk assessment that supports positive risk taking
  • Ensures a review has taken place at least once every 12 months


PSSL Shared Lives service is regulated under:
  1. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (in England)
  2. The Adult Placement Scheme (Wales) Regulations 2004
  3. The Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001, superseded April 2011 by the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 (Schedule 12)
  4. The Adult Placement Agencies Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007


PSSL as a shared lives provider will be inspected by the Care Quality Commission who will produce a report on the findings of the service, please see www.cqc.org.uk






Positive Steps Shropshire Limited (PSSL) Shared Lives Service provides a bespoke service for eligible adults, who require support to live within a family environment.

Our aims are that:
  • Individuals using Shared Lives service have the opportunity to share the daily life of the carer and their family and friends, to live an ordinary domestic life in the same kind of home as others in the local community.
  • An individual in a Shared Lives arrangement is supported by the carer to live an independent life, is well supported in making their own choices and living the kind of life they want to live.
  • Individuals are entitled to enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Fundamental to any Shared Lives arrangement is the promotion of the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the person placed and their protection from abuse and harm.
  • PSSL aims to offer high quality and well-matched placements to all the racially and culturally diverse communities of Shropshire and the surrounding area.
  • PSSL aims to offer a service to individuals who may use the service for day support, respite and long term arrangements, with well-matched Shared Lives carers
  • PSSL carers encourage continued involvement with the individual’s family and friends.
  • PSSL believes that Shared Lives carers should feel valued and well supported and have opportunities for further training and development.
  • PSSL aims to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of service it offers. The service aims to consult by spoken and written word with individuals and carers to hear their views.


March 2015







1. Bishops Castle
2. Pontesbury
3. Craven Arms
4. Little Stretton
5. Priest Weston
6. Morville
7. Highley
8. Wrentnall
9. Broseley
10. Leintwardine
11. Bridgnorth
12. Cressage
13. Telford
14. Ditton Priors
15. Chirbury
16. Cleobury Mortimer


17. Hadnall
18. Market Drayton
19. Llanrhaedyr
20. Ellesmere
21. Oswestry
22. Nesscliffe
23. Bomere Heath
24. Whitchurch
25. West Felton
26. Whittington


27. Shrewsbury